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THis is the place where we expand to the fullest wholest version of ourselves!!

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She lives each moment to the fullest, embracing every breath, yet she knows the importance of rest. In the theater of daily life, she performs with unwavering authenticity, confronting her truths with radical self-awareness. Her compass is self-compassion, guiding her through vulnerability and unbridled expression, immersing herself in the sheer joy of existence. Struggle may lurk in the wings, but it never takes center stage; instead, it becomes a spectator to her resilience. Mistakes are mere stepping stones, opportunities to refine her skills and leap back into the fray. Amidst the spotlight's glare and the scrutiny of onlookers, she radiates with confidence, trusting in her preparation and surrendering to the flow of her instincts. Bravery sits proudly in the driver's seat, urging her forward, especially when fear threatens to hold her back. She is a beacon of courage, illuminating the path for others by fearlessly embracing the unknown.

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"Before my session with Maddi I was feeling weighed down by life + going through a break up.  I feel lighter, inspired and filled with hope because I was able to feel into what I have to look forward to if I stay clear, centered and believing! Thank you Maddi!!! "

                                           - McCall

Full OUT

1 on 1 Sessions

 Do you want dive deep into taking your life and creating exactly what you want.  Picture yourself transcending to More love. More joy. More luxury. More compassion. More inspiration? I guarantee a magical transformation if you are open and lead with your heart.

Lets Do life together!!

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" Maddi's retreat was the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure and coming to connect with your higher self.. I became centered on who and what I want to be. I came home with so many tools. Maddi has gifts that will bless your life."

                                  - Bryndee


In Person Events

Lets Party!! 

Do you have a birthday celebration coming up? An Event you need a speaker for? A Girls night? A date night? or needing some time for yourself? Curate the perfect night for you. With a mix and match of offerings. Personalize your event to fit exactly what you invision!! PS I am blast! This is gonna be fun. 

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