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"After working with Maddi, I went from struggling to wake up in the morning to waking up feeling lighter and full of ambition & peace."

                                                        - Sadie 

"My daughter has severe anxiety. She did on-on-one sessions with Maddi. I'm not kidding when I say she was my happy hopeful baby girl again."

                                                       - Paige

"I was walking through life numb and not taking care of myself, the ultimate people pleaser. I did the 1:1 program with Maddi. She helped find myself again and my ability to really feel brave and love again." 

                                                       - Crystal

Ready to unlock your spiritual gifts and embrace your truest self? You're on the verge of a breakthrough, eager to transcend limitations and allow more of what you desire. If you're prepared to leap into empowerment and healing, our 1-on-1 mentorship with healing energy work is here to support you. Let's awaken your potential and embark on this transformative journey together. Are you ready? Lets DO THIS!


Unlock the Patterns. Elevate Yourself. Embrace Compassion. Release Limitations.

Discover the recurring patterns shaping your life and understand their significance. Elevate your self-awareness and nurture a deeper understanding of your true essence. Let go of resistance and limiting beliefs that hinder your growth. Embrace your intuitive gifts by shedding the constraints of doubt. It's time to step into your full potential


Embrace the depth of your divine essence and embody profound presence. Step boldly into your power and authenticity, acknowledging that you are foreordained for greatness. Clear away the old to make room for the new, mastering awareness along the way. Reconnect with the wholeness of your being and remember your true self, recognizing the vast potential that resides within you.


Illuminate the path to clarity as you discern your true desires and ambitions with precision. Bid farewell to the victim mentality, and instead, embark on the empowering journey of crafting your dream existence. Recognize the boundless potential within you as a creator, and allow your spiritual gifts to awaken, guiding you toward a life of fulfillment and purpose.



Let's embark on the journey of transforming your dreams into tangible reality by looking within yourself for guidance and inspiration. Receive comprehensive support, including tailored ideas, practical strategies, and actionable plans to manifest your aspirations. Implement a meticulously crafted action plan aligned with your goals and inner wisdom. Take a moment to honor your journey and celebrate how far you've already come.

  • Your session can happen on zoom or in person 

  • You can book for once a week + once a month or even every other week.

  • Its like your hair, nail or doc appt. Routine. 

  • Coming with a question and recieving an answer.

  • Feeling pain in your back and leaving relieved.

  • Feeling confused and moving to clarity.

  • Come in frustrated and triggered then leave with so much love!

  • Daily anxiety to allowing emotions and leading yourself to peace.  

  • Feeling stuck lets move to Freedom!

  • I could go on FOREVER!!!! 

  • Working with me long term could bring about real lasting change. the change you've been seeking.

  • Your dreams could start coming true. 

  • You may be able to connect to your husband for real. 

  • You could gain the courage to do the thing and stop waiting.

  • You could gain alot of aha's to why you have been showing up the way are. 

  • You could transmute your worst nightmare into a very small thing that doesn't even affect you. 

  • I create and hold the container. The space for you to be vulnerable and open.

  • We will use so many different techniques to have a total TRANSFORMATION

  • Including- thought work + parts work + energy work + color reading + questions and answers + meditation + journaling + and so much more!

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" Where do I leave in a review? I was in the group tonight with my amazing friends. I was in tears within minutes tonight. You were an answer to my prayers."

                                    - Becky 

​"Lizzie had a really good weekend and it was region swim and she didn't freak out with anxiety, Sh has also been more involved with family and talking rather than hiding in her room. All after her session. "

                                       - Amy 

"My meditations are insane during our sessions. Deeper then ever before. I do not wanna stop this anytime soon. Client for life.​ "

                                   - Lauren 

" Maddie has been able to help me discover my God given gifts and heal at the same time. Shes been such a light in my life and our weekly sessions have been something I really look forward to. The confidence ive gained from her support and guidance has been priceless. I just love her so much!"​

                             - Lauren 


Only $222 

Client Bonuses 

When you hit 12 + 24 + or 48 sessions I have fun bonuses for you!!

Fill out the form below to book your first session!

No refunds will be given. Payment must be paid before the session begins. 

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You are your greatest


Thank you so much!!

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