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"After working with Maddi, I went from struggling to wake up in the morning to waking up feeling lighter and full of ambition & peace."

                                                        - Sadie 

"My daughter has severe anxiety. She did on-on-one sessions with Maddi. I'm not kidding when I say she was my happy hopeful baby girl again."

                                                       - Paige

"I was walking through life numb and not taking care of myself, the ultimate people pleaser. I did the 1:1 program with Maddi. She helped find myself again and my ability to really feel brave and love again." 

                                                       - Crystal

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This is for you if you're ready to leap. Ready to unlock your spiritual gifts! You are on the edge of a breakthrough ready to allow more of what you desireAwaken your truest self. You know there is more, more than everything that you "SHOULD" be. You know you were sent here for more.  Are you ready to transcend?  


Section 1

Discover reoccurring patterns in your life and why they keep coming up for you. Hold yourself more than ever before. Gain compassion filled understanding of who you are. Let go of resistance and beliefs that are keeping you small. Start to see limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your intuitive gifts.


Section 2

Deep dive into your divinity. Practice coming to the now. - Allowing things to be as they are. Stepping into your power. Allowing yourself to be exactly who you are. Clearing out the old to make room for the new. Mastering awareness. Coming into the women as a whole.  


Section 3

Creating clarity regarding what you really want. Leave the victim mentality behind you as you learn to build your dream life. You are a creator. Awaken your spiritual gifts!!


Section 4

Lets take your dreams and start manifesting them into reality. Receive support ideas, practices, and plans to implement all you've learned. Put an aligned action plan into place. Honor how far you have come.

  • 1 on 1 zoom calls 

  • Telegram Support in between calls 

  • Takeaways to implement in daily life

  • Opportunity to Meet together in person 

  • Support, Love, Space, and open Honesty 

  • Christ led energy work

  • Intuitive Led Coaching 

  • Thought work

  • Personalized  meditations 

  •  Color Reading 

  • Inner Childwork 

  • Releasing Trauma

  • Creating your Dream life 

  • Discovery of Self at a deep level.

  • The gift of awareness 

  • Guidance in how to write and live a new story

  • Magical syncronicity 

  • Mind blowing concepts 

  • Quantum Leaps 

  • Spiritual gifts realized.

  • Transformation in relationships

  • Alignment with your femineity 

  • Experiencing whole abundance 

  • Taking leaps you never expected. 

  • and SO MUCH MORE!!

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  • We can do zoom or in person! 

  • We will customize the perfect package for you!!

  • I have 3 days available. Lets find the perfect time.

  • Prices vary

  • Lets create a financial plan that fits with your life right now. Do you want to have the entire experience including retreats? We can add those too!The first payment is due once you sign up below!

  • The most transformation happens over time. The best mentorship happens in a long term container. There will be 3-12 month commitment options.

  • I do offer 1 session if you just want a sneak peek!!

Pricing Breakdown

A long term container is the best place

for transformations!!

3-12 months!

+ Retreats + The Society + EVERYTHING I do- you are in!

Fill out the form below to book your first session!

Your first sessions payment is due upon check out. 

Lets do this!!

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You are your greatest


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