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A 6 week immersive virtual experience that will take you from Mama Trauma to Freedom!

I empower Big Dreaming Spiritual Moms who have faced intense experiences in bringing their children to Earth, from miscarriage to pre/post-partum challenges and colic baby care. Together, we accept our stories and use these unique struggles to move to a place of safety, freedom, & relief.

If you resonate with the highs and lows of motherhood's spiritual rollercoaster, then this is for YOU!

What is the transformation?

Liberation from the chains of the past, leading to freedom in the present and future.

Moving away from struggle and hardship towards a life characterized by ease and flow.

Transition from chaos and overstimulation to a state of relaxation and tranquility.

Transformation from a contracted state to an expansive and open-hearted approach to life.

Shift from fear and uncertainty to a sense of safety and security.

Embracing a sense of safety and belonging within a supportive community where we can learn from each other's stories.


I'm here to ignite a revolution. A revolution that guides mothers like you back to your innate power, drawing in magic, light, and love! Why navigate this journey alone when there are countless incredible women out there just like you? This is a sacred space for us all to unite, forming an unbreakable sisterhood! A sisterhood of light bearers, enchantresses, and love weavers, gracefully moving through life with ease and grace.

The strength of the feminine often gets overshadowed in this world, stifled by systems that fail to honor our true essence. But there is another path. An effortless, potent, and shimmering path! A path that harnesses your unique gifts. A path that aligns perfectly with who you are.

Let's co-create this journey together!

Love and Light,


  • What type of trainings will I receive?
    You will be able to access all of our trainings inside of a community space called Telegram. This platform allows us to provide real-time video, voice, and text feedback, as well as offer support and share all your "ah ha" moments! We always love to add surprises and fun, so who knows what else will emerge. Our goal is to create a supportive and engaging environment for all of our participants, where they can connect with others and receive personalized support as they bloom and grow.
  • When we will begin the work together?
    We will be opening the container at the beginning of April. You won't attend the trainings "live" as they will all be shared inside of our community. You can access them whenever is best for you! Maybe with a cup of coffee before the kiddos wake.
  • Can I continue this work is a 1-1 capacity with you Maddi?
    Absolutely! I would be so excited to continue this work together. With 1-1 work we can tailor the transformative experience to your specific needs and intentions. Let's book a session here!
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