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Visionary Retreat

Kona, Hawaii

November 2024

Discovering the Rainbow in the storm


Join me and other amazing women for this epic adventure!!! Lets heal on the beaches of Kona while let ourselves play and fully relax. Taking major leaps together while creating expansive relationships. Read below for all the details. 


You know those days? It's lightly raining and you feel a sense of coziness wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. As you're soaking in the watering of the earth, there it is, a magical gift to all humanity. A promise of safety and security. A renewal of warm sunshine floods through the clouds and the rain slowly stops. The frequency of the color radiates your mind body and soul. You are transported to a higher place for just a moment. The feeling of joy blooms carefully in your heart as a small smile permeates your lips. Your inner child leaps in excitement and awe. All of this in one moment. One sense of sight taking it in and you are changed forever. The Rainbow. It was simple yet so profound. It was clear- a clear sign. Was it that surprising? Or were you more aligned and aware than ever before. To be able to take this moment and soak it up. Every ounce of goodness enjoyed, embodied, embraced. All of this in a one week retreat to my very favorite place on Earth!

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All of the Colorful details

Join an amazing group Women for a Transformative Luxurious Weekend built just for you!

Why this Retreat? I mean Why not is a better question! An immersion in an Oasis of Relaxation and rejuvenation. If this isn’t enough there will be life changing healing and coaching- new ways of thinking- a deep dive into your dream life while literally living a dream!! Healing shadow parts of yourself in a loving safe space.  Building lifelong connections with  other women- Leave the island with new friendships that will last. Amazing adventures that will be led by the beautiful Crystal who spent 5 years living on the island. As you head home you will experience a new sense of life with new thought patterns, new dreams, new things you love about yourself, and heyyy a new tan.

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I can help you find more light in your life!

Having experienced Post partum anxiety, depression, trauma, therapy, coaching. many retreats, and training. I have become an observer of my emotions. Allowing each to flow teach me and lead me to a life I adore (most of the time) We are human and I have learned to embrace the darkness so the light is that much more radiant. 

* Big Dreamer!

* Self Love Mentor

* Powerful Energy healer

* Color Therapy Certified

* BA in Movement 

* Sound, Color, and Energy Healer 

* Shame Slayer

* Lover of Meditation and Breathwork

* Homeschool Momma of 4 

* Business Owner 

* Mentored by the Amazing Shosanna 

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Meditation- Fear Release
Movement- Breathwork.

K, you know those times when you want to hit re-start on the day? Yes I think we have all been there (including me). I have found these 4 practices (meditation- sound- movement -breathwork) are the key to the ultimate reset. We will be led through a magical meditation sound journey  EVERY morning and night of The Rainbow Retreat to help release, process, and receive more light. You will leave knowing how to sustain this throughout your daily life in a quick and impactful way. Fear is a huge emotion that can hold you back from so many things. Take a leap into the beautiful Blue Ocean of Hawaii while releasing all the fear holding you back!

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What's included??

  • 6 nights 7 days- in Paradise at Bay view Farms in Kona, Hawaii (The Big Island) with an infinity pool and hot tubs. 

  • Rental vans- shared with group.

  • 9 Meals- fresh caught lobster- Hawaiian pastries Acia bowls and more. 

  • Authentic Luau

  • Breathwork 

  • Cacao Ceremony 

  • Guided Meditations/Journal prompts

  • 1 on 1 healing 

  • Mind Blowing Growth Classes

  • Face your Fear excursions

  • Snorkeling 

  • Waterfall hikes in Hilo

  • Queen Baths 

  • Must see list

  • Must eat list

  • and More!

  • So much free time to soak up the amazing Sun!! 

NOT INCLUDED! - Need to provide on your own.

  • Flights to and from Kona Airport (Flights are only $450-600 right now WOW!) 

  • 8 meals- Closest Costco and Walmart is 40 min away from home  

  • Any incidentals, tips, and other costs not listed.


Luxury at your finger tips. 

Ok imagine being surrounding by epic women creating lasting friendships on the beaches of Hawaii (during mango season) Can you even?? It is my DREAM! So I am creating it. Laying by the beach, eating delishes fresh mangos, visitng the most gorgeous waterfalls, snorekling in the best spots, enjoying the secluded 18 acre luxurious home with 20 women.  


This veiw. Isn't it amazing?

Overlooking the dramatic Kona Coast, an oceanfront Oasis; sits Mele Kai — a luxurious island sanctuary welcoming guests in search of unforgettable memories and warm Hawaiian hospitality on Hawaii’s Big Island. Five oceanfront suites. All have insane views!

Mele Kai has newly imagined living spaces with contemporary coastal interiors, furnished open-air lanais for sunrises or stargazing, and sweeping views of the Kailua Bay from every corner.

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