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"If you want to feel clarity not just in your mind, but in your soul, you need to work with Maddi. She has a deep gift for helping you feel at home inside yourself and becoming the person that you know has always been there but feels impossible to access because of layers of guilt, shame and insecurity. It is the ultimate gift you can give yourself to learn from someone who has done the work and helps you to do the same. Her course is literally life changing on a soul-ullar level and every woman needs this in her life."

- Chelsey Seibold

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"Maddi is a bright, nurturing light. She has so much to offer to those who come into her space! One of my favorite services I got to experience with her is a color reading! It was so relaxing and fun to sit and watch her work her magic while coloring my magic! Afterwords she shared with me beautiful insight into the colors she felt from me and what they could mean as well as insight into what is holding me back and how I can let that go. She is amazing at everything she does. Who ever decides to work with her is LUCKY!"

- Mccall Brown

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"Madi is the most amazing person ever. She has so much empathy for everyone who shares their story. She knows the tools that help best with whatever you're dealing with and is easy to talk to. Working with Madi has helped me grow into becoming my best self!"

-Mckenzie Saunders


"After my color reading with Maddi, I felt validated as a person! It was amazing. I knew that there were things that I needed to focus on that I wasn't giving enough attention to. It gave me a sense of direction that i needed so much!! Thank you Maddi!"

- Darci Brown


"Just finished a beautiful session with Maddi and it helped untangle so many webs of "Mother-wound" emotions I've been holding onto since the birth of my son 10 years ago. Emotions getting in the way of my ability to create, share myself fully, and to trust I'll be heard. There were profound connections she was able to guide me through that are still unfolding and enlightening my mind as to why I felt so stuck in my life.I feel lighter and more at peace, like a burden has been lifted. I can't wait to see shifts in my body, my business, and relationship with my mother."

- Mckenna Love

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"My color reading with Maddi was spectacular. She's so kind, very talented at what she does, and made our time together light, comfortable, and impactful! She's a great listener and a wise question seeker. Through her reading, I was able to gain perspective on things id been wondering about and insight into what to work on next. I know what she is telling me through colors was inspired for what i needed to know at the moment."

- Ceri Payne


"I had a Color Reading done by Maddi and it was so AMAZING!!!!! I learned so much about myself. She is so gifted and made me feel really comfortable during my session. I still have the picture she painted. I use what I learned from her everyday. It has changed my life! I cannot wait for the next session."

- Sydnee Greenwell


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